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This site is the combined home of various projects created or maintained by me, Michael R Sweet. I currently work for Apple Inc. and am probably best known as the creator of CUPS, the de-facto standard printing system for Linux®, macOS®, and UNIX®. I am also the secretary of the Internet Printing Protocol workgroup, author of many printing standards, and one of two IETF designated experts for printing.

I previously ran Easy Software Products with my wife Tammy and worked for various companies doing 2D and 3D graphics displays, printing software, server software, multi-channel audio processing, real-time data acquisition, AI simulations, natural language interfaces, and shared memory databases. I have written several books and started, contributed to, and developed a lot of open source projects over the years.

When I am not writing software, standards, or books, I spend time with my wife, son, and extended family, and take lots of photos, an addiction I learned from my father on the many family camping trips we'd take. Ah, slideshows!

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zipc v1.1 23 Apr 2017

zipc v1.1 adds a zipcCopyFile function to efficiently copy files into ZIP containers and fixes an issue with some EPUB and OPC applications.

Download zipc v1.1 Home Page

mmd v1.0 23 Apr 2017

mmd v1.0 is a miniature markdown parsing “library” consisting of a single C source file and accompanying header file. mmd v1.0 mostly conforms to the CommonMark version of markdown syntax and supports a couple (otherwise undocumented) CommonMark extensions.

Download mmd v1.0 Home Page

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